Thursday, 14 April 2016

Start writing things down

Does it happen to you that you think about something and need to write that quote? Or you observe something that must be noted by either clicking it or by writing it down? Or you somehow create a poem but there is no pencil or paper to write it down and feel it can never be written on a phone? This happens to me so often that I have started carrying a small book and a pencil with me. Each and every bag of mine has a book and a pencil in it. Right now I have so many half filled books each  with my thoughts scribbled and I feel I must write some of it down on my blog too.

To start with I am posting a small poem that I had written few weeks back while I was travelling from Dehradun to Roorkee.

And he slept with a blanket over his face, 
on a footpath, 
never far from the madding crowd, 
waiting for the sun to rise again.

My book has some observations like 
  1. How one particular area has different colors of flowers and foliage during different time of the year.
  2.  How a driver of BEST bus calls the bus conductor near him when he needs assistance when he is driving the bus.
  3.  How sun and sky looks from my window during particular time of the day and season.
  4.  What are my requirements and needs from a car and how must a car be analysed by me before buying.
  5. Must watch movies and must listen to songs.
  6. Poems that I loved (I have noted down only Gujarati poems, Don't know why)
  7. Some Ted Talks that I must wathc and some Podcasts that i must listen to.
  8. Places that I need to visit in Mumbai and India and world.
  9. Some sketches that I drew while traveling
  10. Mostly unfinished poems and some stupid thoughts on life.
  11. Some experiences of my travel, point wise.
  12. My views and observations on work, family, life, friendship, love, etc.
  13. Address, phone numbers, email ids, 
  14. My notes and points that I need to cover in my speeches.

I Think about you when I have nothing else to do,
just like how I think about my goal.
I don't know if you make me happy yet,
because right now you don't.

मेरी रेवड़ी कहाँ गयी? मेरी इंक पेन और पेन्सिल है कहाँ? आज शुरू हुई है मेरी छुट्टियाँ, मेरी दादी है कहाँ?

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