Friday, 17 February 2017

Sponsorship for my Spanish International tournament

Let's face the truth, para-sports does not get much funds from the government, we para-badminton players have to find our own sponsors or have to spend our own money in our training, equipment, nutrition and participation in international tournament.

Training, equipment and nutrition is a year long cost and can be taken care on a monthly basis. The major lump sum that we have to spend is when we want to participate in any International tournament. Usually the cost of Entry, flight, hotels, kit, insurance, etc. is borne by a sponsor (In able bodied sport by federation).

As you all know my passion for the game, I end up spending my all saving on it. Majority of my last Asian Championship cost was borne by me as I could find a sponsor to cover up just my entry fee and accommodation. As it was one of the biggest tournament of the year, I had no problem in putting money from my own pocket. Result: I won two Bronze medals and rose to #3 in Singles and mixed doubles.

Just recently met Preeti Somani at a rotary function and got connected to her, she was extremely sweet and did a fundraiser for me where she has already raised 1.1Lac on Ketto. (Thank you so much Preeti for doing this)

But nowadays spending my life's saving on a game that I play at International level does not make sense. I feel government should fund at least two international tournaments a year.

Till that does not happen, I keep on looking for sponsors and doing fundraisers.

Right now I am going to participate in 6th Spanish Para-badminton International that is going to take place from 7-12 in beautiful city of Alcudia, Mallorca, Spain. I am selling my t-shirt space to companies to put in their logo on it. There are 3 spots available of 20 sq. cm on my t-shirt. Either  left sleeve, right sleeve, left shoulder, right shoulder, left collar, right collar, right chest, left chest ,center  chest and Back(The shoulder is defined as the visible part of the shoulder on the front of the shirt).

The cost of one space is 50K. 

If you know anyone who wants to advertise their brand can use this opportunity. Ethical branding is new concept in the market and creates a huge appreciation for a brand among its customers. This will not only generate trust towards a brand but will also generate a new interest towards para-badminton.

And yes, its a great deal for INR 50K.