Sunday, 17 June 2012

First few days in Office

I saw a mango tree in my office compound with various shades of Red, Orange, Yellow and Green on many Mangoes still on the tree. I thought - this place is full of people. most of them are young and still have a child within them. Then why were those mangoes never plucked or never faced stones from young kids? It is not that the tree is deep in the compound. You can see it right on the LBS Road. But still those unlucky mangoes  remained unplucked.

Such is the office life. Many mangoes remain unplucked, underutilized even it they are ripe and some mangoes are artificially ripened by chemical agents. Even if they are not tasty, they look in the best of its form (Doped) Why is it so? How can a ripe mango be utilized at the right moment? 

I dont know the answer.
May be when I will ripe then I will know. Till then, dear chemical agents, work on me.

I was welcomed with open arms to the office. I actually had fun filled first week when my TL told me to take rest and enjoy 1st two days and thus was not burdened immediately with work.  Then later I came to know that my mentor(one who would give me Knowledge on the process) was my friend. Moreover I realized that very few people knew about my accident so I was not earning any sympathies in the first place. The office was disabled friendly and my admin team had already informed to security about my case so I had smooth access to many places. I felt like I was in a Time Capsule where time moved at a speed greater than light.

My only concern was travel. Mumbai is a big city and connectivity in the city is one of the best in the country.  The trains, buses, rickshaws and taxis are main means. Still this facility is unserutilised by disabled and very less has been done to improve it. 

Few years ago, I had read in paper about disabled-friendly buses by BEST  where a ramp was lowered for wheelchair ridden people and time of arrival to major bus-stops  was messaged by depot to them on their cellphones. I was impressed by the initiative. But then again after few months, there was an article that those buses were scrapped as very few people used them and also the engine of the bus would fail thus endangering the lives of people inside. Thus one very good idea was put to rest.

A few months ago I read in paper that people using trains had complained to railways about annoying sound emitted by an acoustic device emitting sound for blind people with which they could locate compartment for handicapped without anybody's help.I was again impressed by what govt. was doing for disabled. There were two aspects, one where govt. is doing good and second where people are not cooperating. Even in bus there are seats reserved for handicapped, people dont get up.

Yes my major concern was travel and with the help of my HR team and Admin team I got bus facility extended. That was a relief to my parents. There at that moment I realised that people always help you in need. 

Currently all my concerns are put to rest by people around me and now I can concentrate on things like perfecting walking, running, getting into sports etc.

What do i want to become? I have asked this question to myself countless number of times and I get different answers everytime. I wish I could become all that I wish but every dream has one thing common. And that is 'gain Knowledge, be happy,teach and be curious'.And with context to a mango tree i mentioned at start- 
I want to ripe on a tree and be plucked by a farmer or by a traveller and eaten with happiness and be again planted so that many many people can benefit from it.