Monday, 23 July 2012

Feel of a Racquet

It was Saturday. I was delivered my final socket after endless days of sweat & hardwork. I was just too happy to hold myself at one place. As soon as I got on my new feet, I wanted to Run like crazy but Alas! it was not possible. My sister and I went for a walk and did a little shopping in Chembur after leaving my rehabilitation centre. Then I reached my building and I again started walking, getting used to the new socket. I kept walking for about 30 mins and then saw my brother coming on scooter. I asked him to give me a ride.

While on scooter, I was too thirsty  so I asked him to drive me to community center(Place where I had trained myself in Badminton). There I drank water and met my old friends(Vasant uncle and Ajit). I told them that one day I will play Badminton and they knew I will do that. 

But What happened next was out of the world. I went to my Badminton court to watch young enthusiast play. On seeing them, I also wanted to atleast touch the racquet. My brother knows that I am too difficult to convince when I have made up my mind. He knew what was going in my mind so he said "chal ramvu che?" "Do you want to play?" He also knew the answer. So he just asked the people standing, for two racquets. I took one. Touched it, smelled the guts and felt an utter sense of elation and joy. For a few seconds, I was in a trance phase an felt that this is how I can reach God. Then I took the shuttle cock and hit it hard. It was not bad as i had anticipated. I didn't cover the court but it was more than what I had in my mind about me and Badminton. My brother and I just practiced till my socket got loose and till it came off. 

While playing, My brother would ask me "Kevu lage che? Majja aave che?" " How are you feeling, Enjoying?" . And every time I would laugh like crazy and say 'Yes'. I felt as If I was drunk. I had no control over my emotions. I would keep laughing and hitting shots with power. I had a new dynamism and control altogether.

I sweated like a pig at the end but the sweat was meaningful and left its mark forever on me.
Now fully charged up, I went home. On my way I had another idea, it was ' I can Drive'.
I took my Scooter from my brother, asked him to ride on pillion and tried my hand at balancing. I realized that I COULD drive. But I also knew my limitations so rode my bike for a few minutes and handed it to my brother. But one thing gives you confidence to do other.
The feeling of holding the racquet and playing Badminton was a distant dream for me. I thought I would never be able to play as I used to. I also realised that I still have power to hit hard and make my opponents run. It was a pleasure to watch but more amusing was to play. Riding a bike with little drizzle on an empty road with wind caressing my hair gently was a feeling of Bliss and Comfort. Now I am looking forward to play Badminton, Train myself using my Prosthesis and be fit and healthy. Also Now I want to learn to drive a car. This is going to be a challenge. And Dear life, Challenge accepted.