Sunday, 5 June 2016

Leaving one thing for another

In March when I wrote about doing ten things I am afraid to do, I also mentioned I will concentrate on things that are important to me and not waste unnecessary time on people, places, things and ideas.
To make that thing happen, I have started saying 'No' to trips and vacations, started concentrating on people who matter, let go of things that hold me back and now I have quit my job.
My swimming pool is under repairs, thus I am unable to swim and click pictures for you all. I will post them as soon as I get a chance. I am monitoring my bank account properly now and am minimising my unnecessary spend on travel and shopping. Using public transport is difficult as I need to walk a lot to reach where I need to from a railway station or a bus stop and this summer gives no relief. I am completely dependent on rickshaws and cabs. (I wish Uber or Ola gives me a gift card). 

I did no activity on social media and deactivated my Facebook account for a week, stopped replying to messages on Whatsapp and did not post anything on Instagram and twitter.

Due to no activity for a few days, when I re activated my accounts, I became super active and also installed Snapchat to compensate. Ha ha I am never going off social media in future, but yes, I will just be less frequent.

I also wanted to tell you all that I am now going to Northern Ireland for Irish International in the 3rd week of June. I am training extremely hard for this. My schedule is crazy with training, practice, studies and office. Also, I have started Running (All thanks to Ottobock India for giving me running blades to practice) and go and practice it daily in the evening after office. I am right now utilizing all 24 hours and wish I could get few more hours in a day to do all the activities that I desire. 

 Last few weeks were really hard for me where I had to take some very important life changing decisions during that time. Also, had to find me a sponsor for my Irish tournament. Unfortunately, haven't been successful in finding one. This whole thing is frustrating. I don't know how my seniors have done this(New found respect for them for going and winning tournaments in spite of millions of road blocks). Sometimes things can get so much out of hand that I cant even devote time to my training when I have to schedule meetings to meet potential sponsors. 

I am not sure how things are going to work in future for me. I don't even know if quitting a job was a proper decision or not. But all I know is that I have to become a better person and I have to leave one thing to concentrate on another. Future has a story to tell and I wish to mould it just the way I want.